He is our Peace

By Lanternix (talk).Lanternix at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Coptic Cross: the circle in the centre represents the eternal everlasting love of God.

My heart has sickened these past months as I watch real life tragedy play out on screen:  Coptic Christians beheaded. Nigerian girls kidnapped. French journalists gunned down. Children murdered in Pakistan and South Africa.

I watch in dismay as freedoms we treasure are eroded for the sake of security and I wonder what else terrorists will take away from us.

Fear is rampant. It is easy to think that evil reigns and there is no hope.  How can terror even be fought against people who live and work in the shadows and think nothing of dying for their own beliefs?

As I understand, most jihadists believe that what they are doing is righteous and what Allah requires. Others have joined the “holy war” for their own reasons or because evil has taken root in their heart.

It is a holy war, but it won’t be won by anyone wielding a sword, a gun or even a pen.

Like everyone else, I lack the power to halt this madness and can only offer sympathy and prayers to those who have suffered loss. I have no great wisdom or advice to offer world leaders and the armies of the Western world.

I can only say this. My holy book tells me three things remain. Hope, faith and love.[i]

Jesus, the embodiment of love, offers forgiveness and peace that makes ordinary people brave when facing death. This kind of freedom endures– forever. Nothing, no-one can separate us from the love of God and what he has prepared. [ii]  Those who love Him live forever.

It is a simple matter for me to write this from the comfort and safety of my home. I do not have a gun pointed at my head, but if it ever comes to that, I take confidence in the eternal hope and love Jesus has given. My prayer is that those whose loved ones have been so tragically taken will know this in their hearts and that those who participate in jihad, will lay down their arms in favour of Jesus.

He is our peace. The war on terror is already won.

[i] 1 Corinthians 13

[ii] Romans 8:38

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