Boxing Black Day

Say the word Boxing Day and the image of throngs of people shopping is conjured up.  Here in Canada, people in their winter woollies line up outside major retailers awaiting the best bargains. When the doors open, the shoppers crush through and grab boxes containing the latest stereo or television. I guess you could say it is a sort of a boxing match.

But who decided this is what Boxing Day should become? Personally, I hate the whole idea, almost as much as that other insanity, Black Friday, now imported to Canada.

In my life Boxing Day has been an extension of Christmas. A day to spend relaxing with family and friends, making a small dent in the turkey leftovers, perhaps even starting a big pot of soup. Around this time of year, we usually think about a donation to others less fortunate, a way to acknowledge the blessings we enjoy throughout the year. In fact Boxing Day was once a day to remember the household servants and others who were less fortunate.

I avoid shopping on this day. There is nothing I need that I can’t get another day. Even though I love a good sale as much as anyone, I dislike the commercialism of this day that should be reserved for family and charity.

Why not keep the stores closed? Have a sale on the 27th. Save the heating and light bills. Save the damage done to your store and the extra wages to your staff. Eliminate most of the traffic. Why not?

Retailers need to understand that people have X amount of dollars. If you stay closed today, you are not missing out on this revenue. People can spend their money tomorrow! Let the shoppers and your employees stay home in their pajamas, playing games with their kids and watching old movies. Even better, people could spend the day going through all the stuff they no longer need and putting it out for charity.

Let your CEO’s ruminate on a different strategy for next year.

I vote we roll Black Friday and Boxing Day into Boxing Black Day on December 27th!

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