Spending my mind

Blogging. I’ve watched with interest for some time now, but I haven’t participated. Why have I waited so long to be part of the conversation? To be truthful, mostly it has been fear that has prevented me from getting my writing out there. Fear that you will not like what I have to say or that I might someday run for political office in an alternate universe and words I wrote were discovered and taken out of context.  Fear that when I write about my failings, or my words cause someone offence, I will be rejected.

Well I guess as long as I am a writer the last two are bound to happen, so I am just going to get over it right now. So…deep breath. Over it. Glad that is out of the way. Oh, and I apologize if my remarks offended you. I will clarify my statements in a future post… Can we still be friends? 

The other reason I’ve procrastinated is exactly that, procrastination, and in my case, that might be a good thing.  Often I am somewhat undisciplined. I am not fond of getting up early. I put off tasks that are unpleasant, however when it comes to writing, one of the reasons I procrastinate is I know how consuming writing can be. Once I get started, it will take up most of the day and I decided over the past few years to devote most of my time to finishing the novel I am writing, at least to a draft before starting the blog thing.  

Never, in the history of the world have there been more opportunities for people like me to get my thoughts out there and “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” This slogan was used in an ad campaign in the early seventies to raise money for disadvantaged black youth to attend college.

I am neither black, nor a genius, but I’ve always had a bunch of thoughts churning around my mind, begging to be organized into something coherent and shared with others. When I read the blogs of others, I delight in finding like minds and kindred spirits. And that as humans, we are connected in a wonderful God-ordained sort of way.

Joshua 1:9 reminds me to be “strong and courageous.” He is with me, as today I face my fears and, for whatever it is worth to my readers, spend my mind. I hope that you will connect and be blessed.  

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5 Responses to Spending my mind

  1. Bobbi says:

    Congratulations on your start, Rose. Allow me to quell your fears just a bit. I’ve been blogging for a year. I have only 11 subscribers, but I copy my post to my fb page and lots of people read it there. For the most part, folk read what I write, and that’s about it. Mind you, my first comment received was negative. I was thrilled just to get a comment!

    I set a manageable goal of one post a week. That’s been easy to do. Keep them short, one thought at a time, be honest, and see what happens!

    May the Lord direct your words to his destination.

  2. rosesscott says:

    Thank you for your kind words Bobbi! Great to have a positive comment for the first one!

  3. DOROTHY says:

    Good for you. You have a way with words. And Talents improve as we use them. Love, you & PROUD OF YOU., Mom

  4. Brenda Chin says:

    Indeed, you have a way with words. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. And your mother is very wise and insightful.

  5. Spend away with strength and courage.

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